Tianma and Lenovo set up Display Reliability Joint Laboratory

According to Tianma’s official news, Xiamen Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and Lenovo subsidiary LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. held the unveiling ceremony of the “Display Reliability Joint Laboratory” in Hefei LCFC.

Tianma Lenovo
According to reports, the two parties will continue in-depth cooperation with the joint laboratory as a starting point, strengthen the research on reliability testing of display components and systems, and strengthen cooperation in test methods, test scenarios, test standards, and risk prediction using simulation technology. In addition, the two parties will jointly carry out new testing research projects and explore innovative and efficient testing technologies and test methods.

Tianma said that the TM19 and new display module production lines announced for investment this year will help develop IT displays as a key business increment, and TM19 will complement the company’s IT business with a-Si and IGZO production capacity.

As a subsidiary of Lenovo Group, LCFC Technology is Lenovo’s largest PC R&D and manufacturing base in the world. For every 8 laptops sold in the world, 1 is from LCFC Technology.

Rich production experience enables Lianbao to have profound experience and authority in the professional field. The cooperation with Tianma will integrate the technical advantages of both parties, and ultimately bring better products to users.

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