Vastai Technologies Launches China 7nm Cloud GPU Chip SG100

On September 1, the 2022 World AI Conference opened at the Shanghai World Expo Center. Today, Vastai Technologies announced the Vastai Unified Computing Architecture, the new Data Center inference Card VA10, the AI Reasoning Accelerator Card VE1 and the VastStream extension of the Vastai Software Platform at the conference.

In addition, Vastai Technologies is showcasing its 7nm cloud GPU chip SG100, which offers industry-leading rendering performance, world-leading ultra-high quality, low-latency coding capabilities, and world-class SR-IOV virtualization support. At the same time, the GPU chip integrates rendering, AI, and video, and can provide deep optimization for cloud games, cloud phones, and cloud desktops.


Jun Qian, CEO of Vastai Technologies, said, “The arrival of SG100 marks Vastai’s formal entry into the ranks of GPU companies. In the future, Vastai will bring more products based on GPU and AI chips to better meet the market demand.”

It is reported that Qian Jun is a former Chinese executive of chip giant AMD, who led the AMD China team to design and mass produce the industry’s first 7nm graphics processor and the first 7nm general-purpose GPU architecture AI chip before founding Vastai Technologies.

In recent years, many Chinese chip startups have launched their own products in the GPU industry, and on August 9, Biren Technology officially announced its first general-purpose GPU chip BR100 series.

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